"Red River Bridge (Thanh Tri Bridge)" Construction Project


This project was to construct Red River Bridge that would corss the Red River at the location of 3.5km downstream from Hanoi Port with its total length 3,084m and width 33.1m. It is would be expected to ease the congestion of traffic at Chuong Duong Bridge.

A joint venture of Japanese construction companies received the contract for the 48-month project.A number of Tsurumi KTZ and KRS pumps worked to dry the site during the foundation work.


Dewatering Pumps Model : KRS
KRS1022 [ 2 units ]
KRS2-D6 [ 4 units ]
KRS2-D4 [ 5 units ]

Model : KTZ
KTZ33.7 [ 2 units ]
KTZ21.5 [ 5 units ]

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