Wastewater Treatment System for Cement Mixer


Wastewater Treatment System for Cement Mixer Flushing

To keep a cement truck in good operating condition, the mixer must be regularly flushed out with water. The slurry-like wastewater resulted from flushing contains cement powder, sand, gravel and other sediment and aggregate that need to be removed. This is done by first trapping the larger solids in a hopper and then agitating the liquid in a tank and allowing the smaller solids to settle. The supernatant is recirculated for future flushing, while the settled deposits are crushed into sand and gravel for reuse as aggregate.
Repeated exposure to such strenuous conditions requires a pump that is durable and resistant to corrosion and wear. Tsurumi's submersible slurry pumps demonstrate that capacity by performing stably and admirably under the repeated stress of this wastewater treatment system.


Slurry Pumps Model : KRS (Slurry)
KRS2-100 [ 2 units ]

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