Storm Flood Gate "Maeslantkering"


The Maeslantkering, a storm flood gate, is located at Hook of Holland (Netherlands). This gate closes off the inland-directed waterways when there is a threat of a storm surge. The gigantic gates are the size of a seven-storey high-rise building.

To close the gates, the ballast tanks are flooded. To open these gates the ballast tanks have to be pumped out again. The prolonged dry run is particularly demanding for the pumps because the gates are only closed a few times per year.

To solve this problem, the client adopted thirty (30) KTZ pumps, and the pumps were installed to operate the ballast tank of the storm flood gate. These KTZ pumps also remove the last remaining silt from the tanks.


Dewatering Pumps Model : KTZ
KTZ pumps [ 30 units ]

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