Privacy Policy

  • 1.Observance of law and the social order

    We shall use appropriate means to protect personally identifying information ("Personal Information") in accordance with our Company rules and organizational systems.

  • 2.Obtaining and purpose of personal information

    When we collects personal data, it shall only use such personal data for the following purposes to the extent necessary in order to carry out its business activities. In the event that the personal data is to be used for purposes other than those listed below, we will contact the relevant individuals separately to that effect through correspondence sent by mail, electronic mail or facsimile, or on the individual websites.

    1. To respond to inquiries regarding our business or service.
    2. To allow Tsurumi to conduct its own surveys and to reflect the results of the same on its business and service.
    3. To send materials or catalogs in response to a request regarding our business or service
    4. To send gifts such as the campaigns that we planned
    5. To provide information on our products and services

    When we changes the usage purposes for personal information, purposes will be kept within reasonably close relation to the original usage purposes, and the new usage purposes will be notified to individuals or publicly announced.

  • 3.Safety management of personal information

    We use our best endeavor to take reasonable preventive countermeasures against any loss, leakage or damage of your personal information in order to ensure security thereof. In the case of an unforeseen accident, we use our best endeavor to take an appropriate collective action.

  • 4.Disclosing personal information to third party

    Except for the following situations, we will not disclose the collected personal data of users to third parties.

    1. When the customer provides consent
    2. When we entrust the handling of personal information to businesses to which it outsources part of its business activities only after requiring that those businesses properly manage the information to a degree equal to or surpassing that of RISO, and after they enter into an appropriate personal information protection agreement.
    3. When personal information is statistically processed and an individual cannot be identified.
    4. When, due to legal instructions and the like, the disclosure of personal information is requested or allowed
    5. When we make inquiries to the relevant agencies out of necessity in order to safeguard the life, personal safety or property of the individuals or other parties.
  • 5.Modification

    We may modify its handling of personal data at any time based upon factors such as changes to the content of its business or the services provided by the company. In this case, we will post the most-recent policy on a regular basis in its website.

  • 6.The scope of such measures

    We are not responsible for the protection of Personal Information on any websites linked to from this Website.we encourage you to check the Personal Information protection policies for each site you visit.

  • 7.Inquiry counter of Personal Information

    If a user requests the eraser, rectification, completion or amendment of personal data relating to him or her, we shall respect the wishes of such individual and accommodate the same to a reasonable extent.
    If a suspension of use or deletion of a part or all of such information has been implemented, we may not be able to continue to provide services as desired by the customer even though that is not our intention.
    Customer may change own personal information by using user ID and the password given by us.
    We regard the change of personal information made by the user ID and the password as doing by yourself.

  • 8.Cookies

    The Company may use cookies to enable more convenient browsing when users revisit the Site.Cookies are pieces of data that is transmitted from the Site to the user's browser and stored on the user's computer. However, information that may identify individual users such as name, address, telephone number, postal code and e-mail addresses are not among the information stored. The user may change the browser settings to refuse to accept cookies. Doing so will not have any adverse effect on viewing this Site.

  • 9.IP adress

    User access history (access log) on this Website is automatically recorded. This is to allow Sumitomo Corporation to perform statistical analysis of Website usage conditions, helping us improve the Website for future convenience. This access history does not involve the retention of user Personal Information.

  • 10.Encrypted communication by SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

    This website encrypts communications by SSL for sending and receiving personal information.SSL is employed by many websites as a general method for encrypted communications between two parties. The technology automatically encrypts personal information entered by a customer for communications online to ensure that no important information will be stolen or altered.

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